De Balts - The Courtship Display



Merging movement, figures and music into theater.




It’s time to go to bed, I don’t want to go to bed yet! Maybe everything will be okay tonight after all.


Poor Thing

When Dowland's melancholic 17th-century lute songs start to play, a magical cabinet of curiosities decides it is time to speak. An unique performance of classical singing, lute music and object theater. 



Sail - A storm called life

A visual and poetic theater performance about the power of the sea and the futility of man.
Review Theaterkrant: "With Sail Duda Paiva Company and PLAY Productions deliver a true multidisciplinary diamond".  



Tique - Acts

Internationally Theater Tique performed amongst others at the Rue off of the Festival Mondeial des Théâtres des Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières, at the Instanbul International Puppet Festival and at the Figuma Festival in Eupen. 



Merging movement, figures and music into theater.