Ananda Puijk Company

Ananda Puijk graduated in 2003 from De Kleine Academie in Brussels; the Academy for Physical Theatre based on the ideas of Jacques Lecoq from Paris, France.

Growing up within the walls of ‘T Magisch Theatertje in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Ananda has taken to theatre from a very young age. And after she started working with Charlotte Puijk-Joolen in 2005, Ananda’s love for theatre has only grown stronger. She is on a quest to develop her own style in which she combines the ideas of Jacques Lecoq’s Physical Theatre together with the discipline of ‘T Magisch Theatertje, puppetry. In her quest she is creating her own means of theatrical communication, trying to morph both disciplines into one.

As Ananda does not use the spoken word in her performances, music is of profound importance to her work. She has music especially composed to form a union with the images and the movement. The music is composed while writing and choreographing the performances in order to create the perfect balance. Sometimes the improvisation of movement inspires the composer; sometimes the music inspires to move.

Ananda focuses in on the so-called “small emotions”. The emotions, which lie behind the surface. In our society, in which everything is achievement-based, we feel we have to disregard our weaknesses and insecurities. Therefore we forget that some of these emotions are natural and ‘humane’.

By emphasising on the different, universal emotions in her performance Ananda hopes to show that people will learn to see each other through new eyes. She wants to show that, behind the façade of every day life and the masks of different cultures, it’s people you need to see. People who go through similar different changes, great or small.

Ananda has decided on this form of performing arts, only physical movement and music, because for her, words do not suffice in order to describe these universal emotions. It is through image and sound that she wants her audience to create their own associations, their own story.




It’s time to go to bed, I don’t want to go to bed yet! Maybe everything will be okay tonight after all.



Merging movement, figures and music into theater.




Merging movement, figures and music into theater.