Figurentheater Ennadien

Ennadien is a puppeteer, and not just any old puppeteer. She presented her companions 25 years ago and the puppet theater was born. Her playfulness, her handmade puppets, from mouse to giraffe, from baby to soldier are both touching and imaginative. A performance from Ennadien is like slipping into a daydream.

Ennadien works with Micha Burm, her former student. Micha's artistry is to move the puppets in such a way as to… yes, to bring them to life. Micha prefers to work without words, he lets the puppets speak for themselves. Ennadien’s current director is Luk Bruyker. The beautifully striking music is specially composed by Harrie Herfst. 



My Chariot

The chariot moves on pulled by its eccentric owner, off to a new, unexpected, extraordinary moment.



An act inspired by Salvador Dali's work.