Trunk Puppeteers

Trunk Puppeteers is a partnership between Steven Luca and Charlotte de Lange. They develop beautiful new (street) theatre acts and performances, in which they bring their public in a world of fantasy.

Steven Luca
Steven Luca has been a street theatre artist for many years. With his act 'François Blanc' he made a worldwide furore at festivals and events, even in America. François Blanc' also performed in TV programmes in various countries; in the Dutch TV programme Popster, where figurative theatre players competed with each other, he was in the final. 
A documentary 'They call me busker' is being made about Steven Luca's life as a street theatre artist, which will premiere at the Puppet International festival in Meppel in October 2018. 

Charlotte de Lange 
Charlotte de Lange, 'De Vliegende Koffer' Puppet theatre, ended her job as a lawyer to follow her passion: making and playing figurative theatre performances. 

Her ability to manipulate the figures in a natural way, original storylines and a healthy dose of perfectionism make Charlotte de Lange a player who is called a very talented player by the Dutch magazine 'De wereld van het poppenspel' (The world of puppet play). In 2017 Charlotte was one of the nominees for the Ruth van der Steenhoven Prize, an award from the NVP-UNIMA for talented new players.




Once upon a Hand

'Once upon a Hand' is for places where small-scale and intimate theatre is shown to its best advantage, e.g. in a theatre foyer, at a queue, on a terrace, during a reception etc.



4000 sugar lumps. A show about creation, collapse, starting over and completion.